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Mohinder Singh New Delhi says
With the treatment of Dr. Dilbag Clinic, I got totally cured and charged with renewed strength. more..

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Experience 50 years

Following are few of the many excillent results achieved by Dr. Dilbag clinic by curing patients suffering from various deseases

S. Mohinder Singh from New Delhi

I was suffering from loss of erection and premature ejaculation for the last 12 years and was living in depression. Due to these circumstances, MY martial relation reached to the point of divorce. With the treatment of Dr. Dilbag Clinic, i got beneficial results and charged with renewed strength. Now I am living a happy married life.
Mohinder singh statement in Ajit Newspaper attached here

S. Harvinder Singh from Malerkotla

Harvinder singh resident of Malerkotla, Punjab speaks the same as above.

Harvinder singh statement in Jagbani Newspaper is attached here

Madam Rachna from Ambala

Madam Rachna who is resident of Ambala was treated of Female disorders.

Mr. Arun Sodhi from Ferozepur

Mr. Arun Sodhi from Ferozepur of speaks of amazing results from the treatment of Dr. Dilbag Clinic. He had a chronic piles problem, for which he was recommended surgery by other doctors. However, with our he is recovered now.

Miss Anchal from Jalandhar

Miss Anchal of Jalandhar is thankful to Dr. Dilbag Clinic for restoring her beautiful outlook and confidence after being cured from chloasma patches ( brown and yellow ) from her face and neck.

Master Babbu from Amritsar

Master Babbu resident of Haripur, Amritsar expresses his thanks and gratitude towards Dr. Dilbag Clinic. Taking treatment from here, he gainded three inches in height.

Harjit Singh from Amritsar

Harjit Singh s/o Avtar Singh resident of 166, New Azad Nagar, Amritsar briefs that he was very depressed with his height which was just 4 feet 7 Inches, when he came to Dr. Dilbag Clinic. He is so happy to inform that after the full treatment, he reached to a height of 5 feet 6 inches now without any side effects and is thankful to Dr. Dilbag throughout his life.

Chandan from Amritsar Cantt.

A young boy named Chandan from Amritsar Cantt. was fully cured of his severe addiction of smoking and is living a health and pure life and persuing his professional carreer

Gurwinder Singh 21 yrs vill: - Kohari got cured of his acne of white pus with our treatment.

Amandeep Singh S/o Sh. Manohar Lal 19yrs. Vill: - Lehal Distt: Dhariwal State:-Punjab was addicted of 20cap daily now he is de-addicted from that problem with our treatment

Sarabjeet Singh S/o S. Swarn Singh Age:-28yrs. R/o Railway Coach Factory, Kapurthala, Punjab was addicted to 30cap daily now he is de-addicted from that with our treatment & enjoying happy life.

Narinder Singh R/o vill: - niwetung. Distt: - asr was addicted to opium & smack now he is de-addicted &get cured with our treatment.

Jasbir Singh R/o Ajnala was chronically addicted to opium now he is also de-addicted with-in 15 days treatment.

Rajwant Kaur 21yrs D/o S. Balbir Singh Batala Road Asr has improved a lot with our treatment.

Dalbir Singh 50yrs. Vill:-naushehra pannu state: - Punjab was suffering from chronic weeping eczema from last 15yrs. Now he is cured of his diseases.

Soni Kumari 12yrs D/o Radhe Sham vill: - Pichivikhi. Distt: - Babua State: - Bihar. She was suffering from chronic hair loosing problem. But our treatment has shown good results & now she re-gains her lost hair.

A young boy P.Sinha of asr cantt was having Leucoderma spots on his neck, chest & thies. Our treatment has shown very good results & boy has improved now.

A. Kumar S/o Om Parkash Railway Quarters asr. Punjab was suffering of his personal problem but after our treatment he got cured & enjoying his happy life.

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