1) The duration of the treatment of any of the mentioned diseases in the website may very from person to person.

2) The result of the medicine may vary from person to person.

3) The buyer/patient is not entittled to any refund, if he/she retuns the medicine for any reason what so ever may be : whether the medicine is returned fully/partially/or in any quantity.

4) The patient / buyer is not entittled to money back / refund / replacement for whatsoever reason may be : even the parcel is unclaimed.

5) If the dispatched medicine is not delivered to the buyer due to any reason likely change in government policies, postal rules, shipping rules, airline rules, courier company rules of the dispatcher's country or of the buyer’s country or whatsoever the reason may be, the buyer is not entitled for refund of the amount that is paid by him / her.

6) Before you pay please consult with us regarding your disease.

After payment confirmation we will dispatch your treatment.

8) All Disputes what so ever subject to amritsar jurisdiction only.