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Charitable Mission By Dr. Dilbag

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Experience 50 years

Besides dedicated to his noble profession of curing mankind, Dr. Dilbag is also devoted as social Activist. He is involved in numerous projects and activities aimed for the upliftment of the society.

He is also the President of Radha Swami Sant Baba Bagga Singh Charitable Mission, which is a registered society. The registered office of this society is at Chowk Pani Ki Tanki, Ram Bagh, near Bus Stand, Amritsar.

Aims and Objectives of the Society:

 To provide stipend or financial help to the brilliant students.
To prepare the brilliant students for competitive examinations      and to induce a spirit of competition in the students.
To provide free education, books and uniforms to the deserving      students
To open and promote educational institutions for the welfare of      society.
To uplift the helpless, poor, orphan and handicapped students      without distinction of religion, cast, creed or sex.
To provide financial help by way of pension and medical aid etc.      to the old people.
To encourage celebration of social and religious functions.
To do all such other things, deeds and acts, as are incidental      or conducive or as the society may from time to time think proper,      necessary or expedient for attainment of above objects.

You can send donations to our society for the noble cause.

Activities of the Society - Picture Gallery:

Donation of books and uniforms to the needy students

Dr. Dilbag planting Trees

Radha Swami pure gold medal award 2004 being awarded to Honourable commissioner and Mayor of Amritsar by Dr. Dilbag

Dr. Dilbag along with Ex Prime Minister Mr. Chander Shekhar in a rally.

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